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The Institute for Energy and Hydro Technology (IEHT)


The Institute for Energy and Hydro Technology (IEHT) began the modern stage of training in the Ministry of Energy in 1980.


The Institute was promoted to a research and qualified organization after three years.


The Institute continues the technology training and research as one of the most equipped and experienced water and power industry based educational centers. It is built up in a total area of 65 hectares and an estimated 50000 person-month capacity of training around the country. The Institute of Energy and Hydro Technology has currently 82 full–time and 98 part-time faculty members. IEHT undertakes training of experts and employees of the power and water industries in five training and research campus and nine training units as follows:




Azarbaijan Higher Training and Research campus in Tabriz,


Isfahan Higher Training and Research campus in Isfahan,


Khorassan Higher Training and Research campus in Mashhad,


Qarb Higher Training and Research campus in Kermanshah,


Fars Higher Training and Research campus in Shiraz,



B.training Units:



Mazanderan Training Unit in Sari,


Tehran Training Unit in Tehran,


Gilan Training Unit in Rasht,


Zahedan Training Unit in Zahedan.


Taft Qanat Technical Training Unit in Taft,yazd,


The International Training centre in Qeshm,


Bonab Training Unit in Bonab,


Department of Environmental Health and safety in Tehran,


National Training Center for Energy Management in Tabriz.


There are branches in other cities, including Boushehr, Hamadan, Urmiyeh, Sanandaj and Arak, which run short courses, based on the need and interest in the region.


Scope of Activities:


The Institute takes action to meet water and power industries educational and research needs within the framework and the regulations of the Ministry of Energy and the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology in the following programs:


Short-term training courses in order to promote skills and capabilities of the water and power industries personnel.


Graduate and postgraduate programs in collaboration with the University of Applied science and Technology.


Research and Development in Energy and Hydro technologies.


Fields of Training and Research:


IEHT covers the following fields in the training, educational and Research programs:


- Water and wastewater technology, 


- Environment, health and safety, 


- Electrical power plants,


- Power transmission and networks,


- Qantas,


- Process automation and control systems,


- Information Technology (IT), 


- Administration,


- Finance and management.


Short-term courses:


Short-term courses are offered to update and enhance the knowledge of the personnel in the water and power industries. Approximately, 20,000 person - months are trained annually in the short –term courses in the Institute's training centers.


Long-term Courses:


The graduate and undergraduate students are admitted through University of Applied science and Technology national examination. The graduates will be awarded the degrees which are approved by the Ministry of Sciences, Research and Technology.


The undergraduate programs include:


- Electrical Engineering (power systems, automatic control and instrumentation).


- Civil Engineering (water and wastewater, hydrology, dams and water networks, water systems and underground water and Qanat operation and maintenance).


- Mechanical Engineering (thermal systems of power plants, mechanical repairs and power plant operation).


- Software System Technology, there are Accounting in water and power industry. 


There are 6000 full -time students in the Institute. The modular programs cover 2500 students.


Training and Research facilities:


Each campus of the Institute has departments of Electrical Engineering, Water and Environment, Power Plants, Management and Control Systems. There are equipped laboratories and workshops, computer centers, libraries, audio-video centers and language training centers, dormitory, forum and gymnasium and other facilities in each campus.


The Institute has published more than hundred books and educational packages, in different fields of activities.


Selected Laboratories:


- High – voltage


- Electric circuits


- Industrial electronics


- Computer software


- Digital and logic circuits


- Electric measurement


- Non-electric measurement


- Electrical power system simulator


- Steam power plants


- Relay and protection


- Power plant control


- Industrial control


- Electrical machines


- Electronic circuits


- Programmable logic controller (PLC)


- Microprocessor 


- Water quality measurement


-  Soil mechanics


- Concrete and masonry 


- Hydraulics


- Remote sensing


- Meteorology


- Thermal conduction


- Thermodynamics


- Water chemistry in power plant


- Combustion


- Non-destructive tests


- Fluid mechanics


- Hydraulic and pneumatic control


- Governor (turbine speed control)


- Turbo machines


- Surface water equipment


- Geology


- Water treatment chemistry


- Water and wastewater chemistry


-  Hydrometry


- Wind tunnel


Selected Workshops:


Cabled and joints

Overhead distribution network

Ground distribution network


Substation parts

Electricity and switching circuits

Cable trouble-shooting

Switchboard and electricity systems

Repairs of substation equipment

Hot line operation


General construction site

Pumps and valves

General welding

Special welding

General mechanics

Rolling and installations

Diesel repairs

Steam power plant

Gas power plant

Industrial drawings


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